Brazil Fluency Workshops in October

International Stuttering Day is celebrated on October 22, and during the month of October, the Fluency Workshop team will promote Stuttering Conversation Wheels in various schools in our country.

At Stutter Talk Wheel for Teachers we will address the myths, truths and positive approaches to dealing with stuttering.

This action lasts 1 hour and will be performed voluntarily by FONOAUDIÓLOGOS AMIGOS DA GAGUEIRA, certified by the Fluency Workshop. See the complete list of professionals registered in the site:

The school can also get the SCHOOL AMIGA DA GAGUEIRA STAMP. See more information on the site:

Schedule your Chat Talk about Stuttering directly with your friend’s FONOAUDIÓLOGO AMIGO da GAGUEIRA or talk to me 🙂

Be a part of this action and help transform the school and the lives of millions of people.

A big hug
Daniela and Team Fluency Workshop

No dia 22 de outubro é celebrado o Dia Internacional de Atenção à Gagueira e, durante o mês de outubro, a equipe da Oficina de Fluência irá promover Rodas de Conversa sobre Gagueira em diversas escolas do nosso país.

Na Roda de Conversa sobre Gagueira para professores iremos abordar os mitos, verdades e abordagens positivas para lidar com a gagueira.

Esta ação tem a duração de 1 hora e será realizada voluntariamente pelos FONOAUDIÓLOGOS AMIGOS DA GAGUEIRA, certificados pela Oficina de Fluência. Veja a lista completa dos profissionais cadastrados no site:

A escola também poderá obter o SELO ESCOLA AMIGA DA GAGUEIRA. Veja mais informações no site:

Agende a sua Roda de Conversa sobre Gagueira diretamente com o FONOAUDIÓLOGO AMIGO DA GAGUEIRA da sua cidade ou fale comigo 🙂

Faça parte dessa ação e ajude a transformar a escola e a vida de milhões de pessoas.

Um grande abraço
Daniela e Equipe Oficina de Fluência

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  1. I think it is a great idea to visit schools across the country to spread awareness. For young children, stuttering may be just starting to affect their social life and mental well being, so providing education and support to them and their peers is a great start. Addressing myths and and facts about stuttering will also be a great educational experience for school personnel as they come across students with a stutter. The school years are a critical time for young children’ social development, which is why I think this campaign is so important.

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