How do you advertise that you stutter?

Hi everyone – I really like to advertise somehow that I stutter, if I’m at a stuttering event – workshop or conference. I also like to around October 22 for the International Stuttering Day and the second week in May for the USA’s National Stuttering Awareness Week.

I used to enjoy wearing tee-shirts, but not as much anymore as I’ve gotten older. (I think I look frumpy wearing one and I think I’ve been told that too.)

Anyway, I saw this shirt on the SAY (Stuttering Association for the Young) site and I couldn’t resist. It came today. 

Would you wear it out in public?



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How do you advertise that you stutter? — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Pam,

    The short answer is Yes, I would wear that shirt out in public. I need to buy one for myself!

    The longer answer is that on this Journey of ours, there are many steps. Each of us should take those steps at the time that we feel able to handle that particular challenge. Sure sometimes we need to challenge ourselves, push ourselves our of our comfort zone, but we need to do so with self-compassion, and with a sense of worthiness. We are worthy even if we are not up for a specific challenge.

    For me, wearing a T-shirt advertising stuttering is a huge step, as I have not overcome my shame, fear and guilt about stuttering. I have come a long way towards overcoming it, but I still feel those emotions, especially, shame, very strongly. Only fairly recently have I been able to wear t-shirts advertising stuttering.

    Wearing the t-shirt in public has helped me on my way to dealing with my shame, fear and guilt, as I find, as expected, that nothing bad happened when I was out. And speaking of “out”, being open and out about our stuttering is cathartic, as we know.


  2. Hello Pam,

    My answer is a definite Yes!

    For me, I believe that its an easier way to start a conversation on stammering. I even believe that for PWS who are struggling with disclosure, it would be a great opportunity to begin a conversation as people will ask questions.

    About looking frumpy, I don’t think so at all as I am yet to see you in one. Go ahead, and make your next public outting in the SAY shirt.

    I need to get me one myself!



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