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Favorite To: All who work with school aged children



My name is Allison Cullinan and I am currently a graduate student studying speech-language pathology at Touro College in Brooklyn. As an undergraduate I obtained my degree in general and special education (birth-sixth grade) and have a desire to work with school aged children in my future.


My question pertains to the mental health support for those children who stutter. My brother was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome as a child and I saw what an impact his disorder had on his self image and anxiety. Similar to Tourette’s, stuttering can play a huge role on children’s (and adults) emotions. I was just wondering if you believe that it is important for these children to seek therapy from a psychologist to help them when times are tough? Do you think SLPs should refer these children and/or recommend it to their parents?


Thank you for your time 🙂 ,

Allison Cullinan

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Effectiveness of School-based Therapy for Stuttering

Hi All,

As a second year, graduate student of speech/language pathology I have observed treatment of stuttering in clinic settings as well as in schools.  From my experiences, I have felt that treatment does not appear as effective for stuttering as it may for children with other speech disorders (i.e. articulation, phonological disorders). I have also felt that in some cases stuttering was essentially overlooked. Could this possibly be due to lack of time, experience and/or knowledge of stuttering of speech/language pathologists? I was also wondering if there is any current research out there regarding this issue?


Deana Jeziorkowski

Mercy College Graduate Student

Speech/Language Pathology

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Stuttering and Autism

I was curious about the incidence of people with Autism who also stutter?  I know that stuttering is less common in people with hearing loss or cleft palate, due to the association with the feedback system.  Since people with autism … Continue reading

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I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on Venkatagiri’s theoretical perspective on the etiology of stuttering and what type of therapy approaches are used in collaboration with this theory.  More specifically I was wondering about speaking a foreign language and … Continue reading

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ISA Google + hangouts

One of the committees ( the ISA has started has a responsibility to start Google hangouts around the world. In a Google hangout it is possible to have 10 people with webcams in a meeting. Only one can sensibly speak … Continue reading

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