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Watch this page for planned activities for ISAD around the world. If your group will be doing something, please let us know here!

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Ever since its foundation, fourteen years ago, The Croatian association for people who stutter “Hinko Freund” has organized different activities to celebrate ISAD. However, this year, a dream has come true and the first Croatian documentary film on stuttering has … Continue reading

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London, England

At the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children on Wednesday 22nd October we will have a ballon launch with the children and therapists from the centre, joined by politicians Ed Balls and Andy Burnham 597 total views, no views today

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A Associação Portuguesa de Gagos vai realizar, com o apoio da Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto, as VIII Jornadas sobre a Gaguez, que terão lugar no dia 25 de Outubro. Quando se perfila uma enorme diversidade de … Continue reading

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ISAD in Japan

This is Akihiro Aoki. I belong All Japan Genyukai Association and I want to introduce about ISAD in Japan. There are 32 stuttering self-help organizations as “Genyukai” and many events that were matched with the ISAD will be held at each … Continue reading

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ISAD in France

The French association (Association Parole–Bégaiement) have already created their own ISAD logo version.  Keep an eye on their website for details of activities in France. 647 total views, no views today … Continue reading

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