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A group of experts in stuttering are supporting ISAD by participating on a panel to answer questions about stuttering. We have an extensive group of experts this year, you can see the list of experts participating in the ‘Ask an Expert’ panel here.

To participate, you must be logged in to ask a question. After you log in, select ‘New’; ‘Post’ from the top menu and enter the title and details. Be sure to set the category to ‘2016 Ask an expert’ on the right side of the page or your question will not display on this page.

Your post/comment will need to be approved by the team. It might take up to twelve hours before your post/comment appears.

Only experts and the original questioner can reply/post to a specific question. One or more experts may choose to respond to questions, so please do not direct your question to a specific expert.

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Hello! I am doing some research on medication and stuttering. Now we know not all PWS take medication. When do you think is a right time for someone to begin taking medication? What aspects do you think play a role? … Continue reading

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Hi experts! I’m a 2nd year SLP graduate student, and I have two questions, What advice would you give to a teenage person who stutters, who talks about being bullied in school? What advice would you give to the family … Continue reading

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Secondary Behaviors

What are some ways to help people minimize secondary behaviors when in a stuttering moment? It seems that the secondary behavior can be more frustrating or concerning than the actual block or stuttered speech.  15,857 total views

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