Growth Through Speaking – Filip Reineby

About the Author: Filip Reineby is a Swedish motivational speaker known as “The Stuttering rhetorician”, for his successful ways of combing his experience’s in stuttering with an education in rhetoric, and this year nominated as one of Sweden’s top young entrepreneurs of 2019.

Filip has for the last years been helping stutterers and non stutterers develop great communication skills and he is raising awareness about stuttering through his nickname as a speaker, his motivational talks and in podcasts and radio appearances.

For this years online conference Filip shares his own story on how one moment could have silenced his voice forever but how he instead through speaking grew and was named one of Sweden’s next top public speakers.

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Growth Through Speaking – Filip Reineby — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I am from Central Africa – Cameroon, member of the Speak Clear Association of Cameroon(SCAC). I have suffered lots of teasing and bulling while at school and school was quite and unsettling place for me. It helps me feel better when I learn of my similar stories. You are such an amazing person. Congrats for your nominated as one of Sweden’s top young entrepreneurs of 2019 and for the most you are doing to help people conquer their stuttering. Keep the good work.

  2. Filip- Your experience was inspiring and relatable to me in different ways. How did you use this traumatic event to bring about courage and strength, rather than let it become a hindrance in your progress as a person? Do you think that anyone could have this type of success with the correct mindset? I am interested in your six self-learned speaking techniques and six sub-techniques that you utilize to help control your stutter. I would be curious to know more about these tools and how long it took you to experience success with them. Have you been to a speech-language pathologist in the past, and if so, what was your experience like? Thank you for sharing!


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