Advice for future SLP’s

Hi there! This is Kelly and Meredith and we are in our second year of school to be SLP’s. We were curious if you have ever received therapy from an SLP before? If so, what did you like and dislike about it/would you recommend it to others? And, as future SLP’s, we would like to know what you think is the most important thing for us to know/advice you may have for us when we work with people who stutter. 

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  1. Kelly and Meredith,

    HI! Like Rita said, this is a great question for the Talk to a PWS panel. However, I can answer this as an SLP and a PWS. I have received therapy from several SLPs in my life. The first was when I was 8-9 years old. The next time was 18-20. Then 21-23.

    My best thoughts and perspectives for future SLPs is to practice the following skills:
    1. Active listening. Listen to what the client (any client or any person) has to say and watch for what they might NOT BE SAYING.
    2. Let them guide you. Therapy is about them. Their goals. Their time. Their struggles. YOu will have knowledge, skills, and information, which is valuable. Give it all to them.
    3. Remember there is are many ways to do anything. Let go of your ego and pass on all of the information you have and not just one thing.
    4. Remember we are there to help, to serve, not fix. People are not cars. People can adjust, change, and modify anything they want. We don’t fix them.

    There are many more thoughts, but these are some of the most important I have learned from my teachers.

    Best of luck in School!!
    with compassion and kindness,

    • Thank you Scott for answering this as an SLP and PWS. I am also an SLP who stutters, but my stuttering journey is very new as my stuttering is caused by a head injury that occurred about four months ago! So, I have received speech therapy before but not for my stuttering. So, I am thankful Scott could thoroughly answering your question. Best wishes in your studies, and keep being amazing!

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