Breaking the word in the middle

Dear expert,

I would greatly appreciate your advice and feedback:

I stutter from the age of 3, now I am in my late thirties.

Beside blocks I have a tendency to break the words in the middle of the word!

It seems that I have a difficulty to move to the next sound or syllable.
For example instead of saying: chocolate

I say:
choooo — (long pause) — coo (long pause) — let

Following Dean Williams and Van Riper work – I’ve tried to figure out what is happening or what I do wrong and I’ve noticed that some of the time it feels that I am having a problem to move my tongue, lip, jaw to the next position. Moving them feels as if they were a mountain of cement or lifting weights. Sometimes even if I know exactly where to place them – it seems like the neurological connection between the brain to the tongue is lost (or any other articulation organs). I have troubles even if I try to “manually tell” my tongue to move or order my brain to close my mouth so I can start the next sound.

I don’t think it is a problem with my breathing because sometimes it happens when I say only one of two words and the tension in that area is not that great.

Do you have any ideas, suggestions or techniques that I can use and practice so I’ll be able to move forward with the word without breaking it?

Also, is it a common type of stuttering? What caused it?

Any help is much appreciated, Thanks!

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