Belgium got talent…


Here in Belgium we work already more than 21 years with the self-help organization vzw BeSt see also

For the ISAD day we have planned some interview sessions with famous magazines where PWS will explain there life with stuttering.

Also there is one person Sophie who will be followed for one year on Belgium national television with here stuttering. She is now 28 and want to have a date and relation in 2017.

Also we organise a selfhelpweekend in november where adults and youngsters will be work on there fluency and social technics.

Last year we also have published two books. A self help book with a lot of experience texts of PWS and a survival guide for 8-12 years old.

Also a famous television cycling reporter José De Cauwer had an interview in HUMO a famous magazine in Belgium. He is now also LIVE on television for the world championship cyclist in Quatar. He gives LIVE commentary and stutters now and then 🙂

We would thank I.S.A. for there support all these years!!!

Gert Reunes

President Belgium stuttering association

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