Bringing Awareness Beyond the Therapy Room

I am a speech-language pathology graduate student who is currently taking a stuttering course. In our course, we are learning about the different ways to raise awareness for individuals who stutter. We have discussed different ways to bring awareness of their own attitudes towards stuttering with our clients. This includes having them rate their own stuttering or how they feel when they stutter. I was wondering, what are different ways we can raise awareness outside of the therapy room? Such as in the client’s classroom, home, or job.

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Bringing Awareness Beyond the Therapy Room — 1 Comment

  1. The easiest way is to understand that stuttering does not take place in a vacuum. According to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy of Stuttering (REBTS):
    1) A situation triggers 2) a belief or attitude that 3) evokes a feeling that 4) influences our speech. My website has provides an online tool to make a PWS able to examine his or her emotions and beliefs.
    I suggest that right from the start a client gets used to become aware of the underwater aspects of Sheehan’s iceberg.
    If you need any further explanation you may contact me.