Building Confidence

Hello! My name is Karishma and I’m a senior at CSUF hoping to become a speech-language pathologist. My question is what are things you remind a PWS when you are trying to help them build confidence?

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Building Confidence — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Karishma-

    Thank you for attending the conference and for your question. My first thought here is that you might want to ask your client what confidence means to them – what it looks like; what it feels like; how they act when confident; how they think when they are feeling confident, etc. Confidence is one of those terms that might be very broad and also mean many different things to many different people. I think it is also very possible for people to feel confident in one aspect of their life and not in another. Does that make sense?

    Once your client defines confidence for them – it might be helpful to guide a conversation about ways in which they might want to improve or increase their confidence. As they identify areas, you might then talk more thoroughly about steps to do so and how you might work on this together in therapy.

    Increasing confidence is definitely a measurable, functional, and important therapy goal if it matters to your client.

    I hope this helps! Please ask any follow-up questions if needed.

    Best of luck!