Canadian Stuttering Association – ISAD 2020

The Canadian Stuttering Association has kicked off their ISAD 2020 day in Canada with their first building lighting up with the brilliant Stuttering teal green starting the evening of October 21. 

BC Place, Vancouver, BC.

We also launched a campaign that we are calling “It’s How We Talk,”with the NSA, Stamma, Australian Speak Easy Association, and the Irish Stammering Association.

Canada is also happy to report that there are many more buildings that will light up to celebrate stuttering. It’s all very exciting.

  • Downing Street in Moncton, NB
  • City Hall in Summerside, PE
  • Saint John City Market in Saint John, NB
  • Regina City Hall in Regina, SK
  • Calgary Tower, Calgary, AB
  • Ottawa Shaw Centre, Ottawa, ON
  • CN Tower, Toronto, ON
  • BC Place, Vancouver, BC
  • Canada Place Sails of Light, Vancouver, BC
  • Nova Scotia Legislature, Province House, Halifax, NS

For more information about what’s going on in Canada, visit their web site.

More exciting news! The City of St. John’s, NL and Mayor Breen officially proclaimed October 22nd as ISAD! Read the proclamation here.


Canada Place Sails of Light, Vancouver BC


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