Monday’s Modalities

Gina and Nina share their Monday Modalities from an article they created for the Huffington Post: “Everything We Needed To Know About Stuttering In College Came From Mafia Movies” Gina and Nina Monday, October 10, 2016  949 total views … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap-ups

Katherine Preston talk about words that come up for you when you hear the word “stutter.”  Check it out: “Let’s play a word association game. What is the first word you think of when you hear the word ‘stutter’?” Stuttering … Continue reading

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Wednesday Words

SELF-WORTH Self-Worth….. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you say “self-worth?” Is it confidence? Is it prosperity? Is it success? Perhaps it’s an image; one that cultivates positivity and growth.  It may be the idea that … Continue reading

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Tuesday Transformations

One of the reasons I became a psychologist is because I’m fascinated with personal transformation: people achieving their goals, cultivating self-understanding, overcoming painful experiences and emotions, and uncovering a sense of empowerment and belonging. When I was young, I wanted … Continue reading

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Monday’s Modalities

Resourcing I really like Resourcing as a daily living tool. Practice resourcing by connecting with our own experience, in our lives, bodies, community, and/or environment. Resource when you start to worry, experience anxious or racing thoughts and/or experience feared situations; … Continue reading

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