Challenging Negative Thoughts

Depression, poor self-esteem, and anxiety are often the result of irrational negative thoughts. Someone who regularly receives positive feedback at work might feel that they are horrible at their job because of one criticism. Their irrational thought about job performance will dictate how … Continue reading

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Positive Affirmations

A Positive Affirmation is a carefully formatted statement fostering a belief of a positive mental attitude. Positive statements can change your life for the better as they act as to void out or quiet your negative self-talk. Often, people who stutter, experience … Continue reading

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Resourcing and Grounding

RESOURCING means naming and using positive things in your life to connect to calming sensations inside and bring yourself back to your Resilient Zone. When in the Resilient Zone we feel whole in mind, body and spirit. We are better able to … Continue reading

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