Ever since its foundation, fourteen years ago, The Croatian association for people who stutter “Hinko Freund” has organized different activities to celebrate ISAD. However, this year, a dream has come true and the first Croatian documentary film on stuttering has … Continue reading

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London, England

At the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children on Wednesday 22nd October we will have a ballon launch with the children and therapists from the centre, joined by politicians Ed Balls and Andy Burnham  724 total views

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A Associação Portuguesa de Gagos vai realizar, com o apoio da Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto, as VIII Jornadas sobre a Gaguez, que terão lugar no dia 25 de Outubro. Quando se perfila uma enorme diversidade de … Continue reading

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ISAD in Japan

This is Akihiro Aoki. I belong All Japan Genyukai Association and I want to introduce about ISAD in Japan. There are 32 stuttering self-help organizations as “Genyukai” and many events that were matched with the ISAD will be held at each … Continue reading

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