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Hello, I am a SLP student in California. My question for a PWS is over the course of your life, what are some things you noticed have changed with regard to awareness surrounding stuttering in your community? Aside from ISAD and the National Stuttering Association or a similar organization in your respective country, what is one online resource you have found to be helpful that you would recommend students look into?

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  1. There are so many online resources now and it’s never been a better time to be a person who stutters, as stuttering has had a lot of media attention this year.

    Because of the plethora of online resources, it’s very important that you/we check to be sure the site you visit is a trusted resource and is supported formally or informally by professionals in the field.

    I think some resources that are really great are blogs and podcasts from actual persons who stutter. Reading and hearing about stuttering experiences from actual PWS makes a lot of sense.

    I’ll shamelessly plug my own blog/podcast here:

    I’d also recommend – Daniele Rossi writes/hosts here, and he uses comic strips and cartoons to normalize stuttering.

    I’d also check out the British Stammering Association’s new brand: They have lots of great resources and have been bold in their public campaigns to raise awareness.

    Thanks for being interested in good resources.


  2. Hi,

    I am one of the leader of the french stuttering association. The biggest change happens when PWS and SLPs mix together in self-help or in actions around stuttering.
    Both sides are complementary, when you are an SLP it is important not to limitate yourself to the therapist role but also to really understand how the PWS feels. This will make all the difference and will have a huge impact on you and the PWS

    As for the resources, you may also check Richard parent’s website


  3. For information and perspectives that you will not find anywhere else on the internet you would benefit greatly from reading the 13 entries on on blog. Another great resource is

  4. When I was a child, stuttering was something that needed to go away. Today things are changing (still a long way to go), as national and international stuttering associations, and PWS and SLPs are doing so much to raise awareness, through material , campaigns and by speaking up. Also the ISAD has been really helpful to raise awareness, get buildings to light up in blue/green, and big campaigns and (online) conferences. And this conference of course. 🙂 As even if this one is closed now, have a look at previous ones, as they too have a wealth of information, stories and advice. Also have a look at the,, and their national stuttering associations. And of course the most important one: ask us, PWS. Also join conferences, join FB groups (just for learning, not for therapy) and check with NSAs what they would like students to do research on.

    Stay safe and keep them learning 😉


  5. For some awareness of the phenomenon of stuttering that could help students to understand Stuttering more you might like to have a read of my Stuttering Jack blog at You will read a perspective that you will not read anywhere else and it will be very educational to you.

  6. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for your question. As Pam and Anita mentioned, more awareness is raised over the years and the SLPs work so much more closely with the stuttering community and try to normalize stuttering. Even in my home country China, there are more people or groups starting to talk about stuttering online, which is unheard of when I grew up.
    There are a lot of online resources for you to check out on stuttering, such as NSA, Stuttering Foundation, Stuttering Homepage, ASHA website etc. I highly recommend Platforms run by PWS, like Pam’s ” Stutter rock star”, “Women who stutter” , Peter Reitzes’ “Stuttertalk” and so on.
    Also Dr. Scott Yaruss ‘s website is a great resource.

  7. Hi,

    Since we started stammering awareness in Ghana about 7 years ago, we have realised people’s general attitudes toward PWS have changed. They now understand what stammering is and what role they can play to make the environment conducive for us.

    Even though, we still have a long way to go to make a maximum impact nationwide, the success we have chalked these few years serve as motivation for us and that it can only get better. and are very good online resources you can look at.


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