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Hello, I have been so impressed with the support and healing that so many have received from being a part of this community. As a future SLP, I was wondering if there are other groups and resources I should be aware of for PWS. 

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  1. Hello! This is such a wonderful question; thank you so much for posting! Isn’t this community the best ever? When I immersed myself as an SLP in the community of people who stutter, not only did I truly learn what I was doing, but it’s almost hard to put into words what it did for my life. Regarding resources there are so many great ones that I am happy to share with you. There are organizations like the National Stuttering Association that has support groups here in America (individuals from other countries were also able to join-in with the most recent yearly conference being held virtually), the Stuttering Foundation of America has publications for SLP’s, people who stutter, parents of kids who stutters, continuing educations courses, all kinds of great stuff on their website.. There is the Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY), Friends, many camps for kids who stutter in the summers- so many fun things out there. The internet is your friend- and you will find so much. Along with that of course there is the International Stuttering Association (for people who stutter, SLPs who stutter) and the International Fluency Association (researchers, researchers who stutter/SLP’s) and we are seeing a huge movement of collaboration amongst these groups of recent across the globe which is SO AMAZING. It’s such a great time to be in this community- and if you are just getting started, welcome!!!!! I hope this helps to answer your questions, and be a world changer!

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