Today, a day ahead of the ISAD 2019, Dr. Ana Leko Krhen, a SLP from the University of Zagreb, Dr. Suzana Jelčić Jakšić, a SLP from the Zagreb Children’s Hospital and a PWS, and Mario Gotovac, a PWS, were guests in the morning program “Good morning, Croatia” at the Croatian National TV Broadcast. They talked about stuttering, hoe to recognise it, where  and when to  seek for professional help and what it was/is like to be in Croatian schools and to work nowadays as a person who stutters.

They also announced a Symposium which is taking place on the October 22nd at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences University of Zagreb. This is a joint event of the above mentioned Faculty and the Croatian SLPs’ Association, supported by the City of Zagreb. SLPs from different work surroundings will report results from the online survey in which SLPs in Croatia were asked to state how many stuttering clients they have during the year, which therapies they apply and which problems they face in delivering therapy. There will be a discussion about best solutions to solve those problems with the representatives of the City of Zagreb. In the afternoon, PWS, parents and SLPs will share their stories and discuss the effectiveness of therapies. There are about 80 SLPs registered for this event.

The they after, Dr. Suzana Jelčić Jakšić will be a guest in the morning program of the local TV channel for Zagreb area, Z1, where she will introduce stuttering and give a report from the Symposium.

Well, Croatia is back on the ISAD scene!


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