Ever since its foundation, fourteen years ago, The Croatian association for people who stutter “Hinko Freund” has organized different activities to celebrate ISAD. However, this year, a dream has come true and the first Croatian documentary film on stuttering has been filmed.

This documentary film, with its symbolic title “The mike is yours” and directed by Željko Rogošić, in a very warm, interesting and positive way shows people who stutter of different ages and different vocations and professions who have undergone different stuttering therapies. Also, it talks not only about different types of stuttering but also about emotions and attitudes that people who stutter face in their everyday life.

The preview of the film was shown on Monday, on the 20th of October at the Goethe Institut in Zagreb. On the next day, thanks to the director and the Documentary program of Croatian TV, the film was shown on the national television, which made Croatia one of the few countries whose national television recognized the importance of raising awareness about stuttering.


In addition to the film, different radio and local TV stations in Croatia talked about ISAD and stuttering. Also, we invited people to wear ocean blue ribbons and that at noon, on the 22nd of October, PWS and those who know someone who stutters start talking about stuttering to the person who is next to them at that time.


Finally, we have organized the “Hinko Freund’s Open Door Evening” that will be held at the Children’s Hospital in Zagreb. So, we invited all those interested in stuttering, adults, adolescents and parents of children who stutter to come and ask questions about stuttering and share their views with members of the association’s self-help group for adults and speech and language therapists.

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