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Hello, I hope you are doing well! I am a freshman majoring in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I was curious about what situations tend to increase stuttering and when you are in that situation, what helps you through it? Also, what is one thing you would like everyone to know or be aware of?

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  1. Hi – thanks for stopping by and asking such good questions.

    I think that high stakes speaking situations, like job interviews, court appearances, presentations at work, all have the potential to increase stuttering or have it be more noticeable.

    What helps me work through that is disclosing or advertising that I stutter.
    I then don’t have to worry about having a stuttering moment, because I’ve already told them that it will happen. I find that when I disclose that I stutter, most people are absolutely fine with it and follow my cues. If I look calm and comfortable, listeners will follow my lead.

    As for one thing I’d like people to be aware of about stuttering is this:


  2. Hi,

    Normally situations are like when you are on interview, when you are talking to any high authority and very commonly sometime you speak really good but in between of your conversation, if someone ask something or people starting to see and make an eye contact with you then it triggers and you become more sensitive and hence you stutter more.

    what I have done in order to improve my speech is – To accept myself as who I am and believe that even if you stutter that doesn’t matter. There is no shame to stutter. Iceburg analogy is beautiful description to manage this.

  3. Hi,

    For me, situations where I feel a lot of pressure to deliver aggravates my stammering. When the stakes are high and all eyes are on me. For instance, doing lead presentations at work or any function. I also tend to stammer more when speaking to persons of higher authority.

    When there is also the feeling to impress someone at all cost, the stammer will also show more of itself (this could usually happen when speaking to the opposite sex).When I am generally stressed out or worried about circumstances my stammer becomes more evident as well.

    In all tough speaking situations, I just stammer as it is and not feel embarrassed or whatsoever about it. I just keep the positive attitude of “that is me and that is how I speak.”

    I would like everyone to know that people who stammer are capable of doing anything just as any other person.


  4. Hi

    What increases stuttering is different to every PWS. To me it’s people in a hurry, interrupting me and filling in words, loud noise and people who think they are more important. And oh that phone… What makes me more fluent is speaking to an answering machine, being on stage no matter how many I am addressing, baby’s and animals.

    What helps me through it is simply keep on talking. As it’s hard enough to talk at times, I might as well say what I want to say. For what I say is worth repeating. 😉

    What I want people to know is that I’m just like anyone else, so treat me like anyone else. Don’t fill in my words, don’t interrupt, remain eye contact, and if you wonder about my stutter, ask. The sooner we get the elephant out of the room, the sooner we can have a great conversation. 🙂

    Stay safe and keep them talking


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