Emotional Responses From Stuttering

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I am a student in a disorders of communication class learning more about people who stutter. When watching numerous videos in class and reading these forums I noticed people who have a stutter quickly become frustrated and emotional when they are trying to speak but are blocked and cannot say what they want to say.  What things have you learned to do when you feel frustrated by a word block? Have you ever stopped talking and ended the conversation with someone right there before? What other emotions have you felt if someone had ignored/dismissed you because of your stutter?

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Emotional Responses From Stuttering — 2 Comments

  1. For sure there is sometime frustration, shame and fear. There are some bad expereinces, some better.

    Two things matter :
    1. The person with whom you talk has to be aware of it not to be surprised and to ask his/her questions if needed
    2. Acceptation/Desensibilisation : When you start to love yourself and to feel negative emotions when you stutter, it changes the whole game

  2. Have you ever had something stick to your fingers, and however you shake you cannot get it off? And the more you shake, step on it, use tools, the more it gets stuck?

    It’s extremely frustrating when you know the words, but they get stuck. And even more when other people react in a negative way. F ex fill in my words, regardless if they know or guess, give me “advice”, or have other hurtful reactions. So the best way to get past that is for me to simply keep on talking, not avoiding, not take other people’s reactions personally, knowing my own self worth. And for my listener to be respecful, wait, remain eye contact, and ask instead of guess. Once we get stuttering out of the way, communication with be better for both parts.

    Stay safe and keep talking


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