Etiology and Optimal Treatment Approach?


We are second year MSP students.  We are currently taking a stuttering course. We have learned that the causes of stuttering can vary and is not fully known. We were wondering if there is current research that provides a more concrete etiology  of stuttering?   Are there other risk factors besides family history and gender?
We have also learned about a myriad of approaches to stuttering therapy.  Although as clinicians it is essential to individualize treatment to each client, which approach/ treatment do you believe to be most effective?  What does current research tell us about effectiveness of individual versus group service delivery for stuttering treatment?  Or does evidence show that a combined approach of delivery yields optimal results?  

Thanks so much for your time and help!

2nd year MSP Students

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Etiology and Optimal Treatment Approach? — 1 Comment

  1. I am rather fond of the recent article by Ann Smith and Christine Weber, updating their Multifactorial Dynamic Model:

    We really don’t have good research on delivery models for any disorder – we do need more. My suspicion is that group therapy, when done well, can provide a dynamic and realistic context for intervention than one-on-one therapy.