Family-incorporated speech therapy

Hello my name is Karishma and Iā€™m a senior at CSUF studying communicative disorders. My question goes out to PWS and their families, in what ways were families of PWS incorporated into therapy? And what were your feelings being in therapy with a PWS or having your family involved in the process?

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Family-incorporated speech therapy — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you so much for your question, Karishma (love your name šŸ™‚ ), as this is what I’ve been preaching for a long time now, so your question made my day!

    I wish my parents were included in therapy, as they found it was my fault and I should “fix” it. Parents need to understand what stuttering is about and how they can help their child, such as create positive speaking situations (give time, slow down their own speech, stop sibblings from interrupting, etc). But also learn it’s not their fault their child stutters, and give them tools to speak to teachers to claim the adjustments the child is entitled to.

    But also have sessions with the child only, as it might tell you things it wouldn’t say with the parents around.

    And why not include siblings for one session and educate them? Or grandma/pa who’s always nagging to talk a deep breath? Also teachers often have no clue what stuttering is about, what the impact is, and how to help and easen the pressure.

    And include friends, to understand stuttering, but also to support the CWS/PWS to do exercises together and turn it into a fun event, instead of a scary one.

    By involving family and friends, you create a safety net. Just make sure that they are not the ones pushing the client to “do what the SLP says”, as focus should always be on the client and what s/he wants and needs, not anyone else.

    Happy ISAD and keep them talking