Finding Confidence in your Speech

Hello! My name is Anna and I am an undergraduate student studying Speech Language Pathology. In the future, I hope to focus my time working with people who stutter. I have a few questions. Firstly, did you find speech therapy to be helpful? Also, what methods did you use to learn to accept your stutter? Finally, how did you find confidence in your speech?

Thank you for sharing! 

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Finding Confidence in your Speech — 4 Comments

  1. I benefited greatly in my life from applying speech therapy techniques. These were taught to me in an 3 week intensive course that I did many years ago to learn Smooth Speech (prolonged speech)(I write about this in my Stuttering Jack blog). After learning such techniques I had to conquer my fears by getting out and using these speaking techniques in the real world. Joining a support group helped amazingly and I am still actively involved in the stuttering self help movement after 40 years. Joining and participating in a toastmasters group has helped. Taking courses that involve changing my mindset about stuttering has helped. SLPs need to encourage their clients to push their speaking boundaries and using these groups above will help.

  2. Hello Anna,

    Like I mentioned in my reply to another SLT student, my therapy has been in the form of my constant interaction with a friend SLT and I have really found it helpful.

    The simple strategy I used to accept my stammer was a resolve or strong decision not to allow it hold me back any longer. Since then I have gained confidence in my speech by overcoming the fear of stammering, overcoming the embarrassment I felt whenever I stammered and having the feeling that it’s okay to stammer so even if I do I stammer confidently.


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