Gaining confidence in your stutter

Hi! My name is Julianna Arellano and I’m a senior at CSUF. My question is, when did you recognize a positive turning point in your confidence as a PWS? Was it after successfully completing a conversation or speech you didn’t think you were capable of? Was it after months or years in speech therapy? I would love to hear your experience and any tips you might have for someone that still struggles with gaining confidence in their stutter.

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Gaining confidence in your stutter — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Julianna. Thanks for your question. In my opinion, the ‘confidence’ comes very differently for every PWS. It may be at the age of 6 (eg: when someone appreciates them for their small feats) or at the age of 40 (eg: when they get their first funding for a start-up). For me, it came at the age of 22-23, when I first moved out to a big city. When I realized people care less about the way you speak and more about what you have to say! My experience very well matches with the theme of this ISAD conference – be the change you wish to see, change is the keyword here. My tip is – lookout for a change, be it a change in your mindset, be it a change in your personality, your friend circle, your city, your education, etc. In change, you will be able to break the old shackles and be born into a new life!

  2. I was able to find my authentic voice, and confidence, when I was finally sick and tired of living my life as a fraud. I had allowed stuttering, and fear of stuttering, to really hijack my personality. I could see I had drawn the lines between “Fake Pam” and “Real Pam” and it just became too much.

    I wanted to be free, open and have the world accept me for who I am. To do that, I had to accept me first. From there, my authentic voice was set free.

    And I finally felt the confidence to move forward, instead of always taking two steps back.