Global Issues and stuttering

Hi my name is Ariel. I am a first year SLP graduate student. I’m very interested in looking at communication disorders through a bilingual and global health lens. I found it very interesting to see some of the research being done on stuttering in other countries. My question is, do you work with, or know of other organizations that work with stuttering in the developing world?

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Global Issues and stuttering — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Ariel-

    Thanks so much for reaching out – what a great question you ask!

    This conference, in so many ways, is such a great way for you to learn a bit more about how stuttering is viewed in other countries, as well as what types of things are being done around the world when it comes to stuttering.

    I would definitely check out the ‘Around the World’ tab of this conference for even more information, as well as the names of individuals around the world who you may be able to talk to even more. Additionally, many of the entries submitted to this conference (and the conferences in the past – you can search the archives as well) are submitted by individuals outside of the United States. Cool, isn’t it?!

    The International Stuttering Association is exactly that – an organization that deals with stuttering on a more global level and unites individuals who stutter from all over the world. They hold a conference every few years. I was able to attend a few years back in Japan – such a cool experience.

    On a more personal level, I actually had the opportunity to live and work aboard in Japan for two years. This experience really opened my eyes to the importance of understanding our client’s values, cultural beliefs, etc. – especially if they are different than our own. I worked with a client who stuttered – and through open conversations with him and his family – I learned a lot about how they viewed stuttering. In many ways, very differently than I did – which was such a powerful learning experience and reminder to make no assumptions and to truly meet your client where he/she is.

    I hope this helps!

    Best of luck,

  2. Hi Ariel,

    I would just add that the World Stuttering Network might be a good place to start as far as happenings in the stuttering community around the world. They have a website and a lively Facebook group.

    Ana Paula