Welcome to the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference, held on this site from October 1-31 each year, acknowledging the many events around the world on October 22, International Stuttering Awareness Day.

Creating a world that understands, accepts,
and supports people who stutter.

Our vision: As a worldwide conference, we celebrate a wealth of perspectives and stories as we unite to raise awareness and work towards ‘creating a world that understands, accepts, and supports people who stutter’. 

Our mission: The mission of the ISAD Online Conference is to carry on a tradition of education by offering a conference-type experience in the form of personal stories, videos, creative expression, therapy ideas, and research, along with ongoing discussions about stuttering.  This conference connects people who stutter and their allies, encouraging meaningful dialogue around stuttering and allowing us to learn from a diversity of voices.

Click this link for the 2021 Online Conference with the theme “Speak The Change You Wish To See”

Or visit the previous ISAD page to link to the Online Conference content from previous years.

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