Inspiring Stories?

Hello!! I am currently an undergrad SLP student at The University of Akron and I wanted to know if there were any moments in your career that reassured you that all the hard work was worth it? Or maybe an experience that you will never forget? Reading stories like these make me so excited to get into SLP grad school and I can’t wait to have experiences of my own. Thank you so much for your time!

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  1. Thank you for your question! Fortunately, there are many of these moments, so hopefully that reinforces your career path even more. I once worked with an adult client who stutters. She saw someone wearing a bracelet that said “stutter beautifully.” She began to tear up because she said that she never thought of her voice as being beautiful because she stutters (but now she does!). I also experience joy when I see clients get connected to self-help groups, form friendships with others who stutter, and become advocates for themselves and for people who stutter. And, as a college professor, it really makes me proud to see how passionate students become as they progress in their careers as SLPs.

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