Internet radio show featuring stuttering songs Oct. 15-20

’50’s Rock’n’Roll  is a one-hour long web-based radio program that repeats several times a week on a schedule available at In honor of International Stuttering Awareness Day, the DJ, Mickey Bo’s show will  feature stuttering songs and will air several times from Oct. 15-20.  All times for the program are US Eastern Time.

Tues., 15 Oct., 9 pm
Wed., 16 Oct., 3 am
Wed., 16 Oct., 5 pm
Thurs., 17 Oct., 8 pm
Fri.,18 Oct., 6 am
Fri.,18 Oct., 4 pm
Fri., 18 Oct., 6 pm
Sat., 19 Oct., 1 pm
Sat., 19 Oct., 2 pm
Sat., 19 Oct., 6 pm
Sun., 20 Oct., 2 pm

Because it is “internet radio” which is more loosely scheduled than commercial radio, the program may begin a few minutes before or after the times listed so tune in to early and be patient. 

Judy Kuster

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