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One of the committees
the ISA has started has a responsibility to start Google hangouts around the world. In a Google hangout it is possible to have 10 people with webcams in a meeting. Only one can sensibly speak at any one time, so a moderator is needed.

Do the experts think that such a hangout will be useful in helping a PWS to practice whatever therapy tool they wish to use ?
Would this be a way for a therapist to give instruction on a range of potential tools as well as addressing some of the emotions below the surface of the iceberg?
Would this be a suitable way to try to resolve physical distance issues in places like Africa / India / China / Canada etc.?
Would Therapists be comfortable being a part of, or leading, a Google hangout?
Would this assist in a the progress towards speaking without planning ahead?

Your views on this would be appreciated by the ISA committee involved in this project.

Thank you,


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ISA Google + hangouts — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Keith,
    My feeling is that Google hangout groups are theoretically a very good idea, but technically not so easy to organize, especially when you want to include people from many different time zones. They could be either on the lines of a self-help group or an alternative to group therapy in a clinic. However, that said, I have come to the conclusion that more gets done working 1:1 with clients either in clinic or over the internet. It might be helpful for a therapy tool for clients who are in the follow-up stages of therapy. What I have done so far is match up some clients so that they can practice together, but not yet done a hangout. It is something to consider though.

    • Hi Barbara,
      We visualized hangouts for different timezones, so in most cases the world clock would not be an issue.

      I understand a 1:1 would be essential in early stages of treatment and admire your ‘matching up’ clients to practice in follow up stages.

      If you need a new volunteer for your clients to meet and chat with — additional experience, let me know.

      Take care,