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The 16th ISAD Online Conference has now finished, thanks very much for your participation!  The conference is now available to read offline, thank you to Viren Gandhi from India for preparing both a single zip file and a single exe file for PC users which will automatically extract the content on to your PC.  If you have any problems with the files, please contact Viren Gandhi (


Stutter Social is collaborating with the International Stuttering Association to host three Hangouts On Air (broadcast live on YouTube) on International Stuttering Awareness Day, October 22nd.

Go to for full details!

• Hangout #1 – 8:00pm in Sydney (UTC+11), 10:00am in London (UTC+1), 2:00am in Los Angeles (UTC-7)

• Hangout #2 – 8:00pm in London (UTC+1), 12:00pm in Los Angles (UTC-7), 6:00am (October 23rd) in Sydney (UTC+11)

• Hangout #3 – 8:00pm in Los Angeles (UTC-7), 2:00pm (October 23rd) in Sydney (UTC+11), 4:00am (October 23rd) in London (UTC+1)


Welcome to the 16th ISAD Online Conference!  The conference runs from October 1 until October 22, International Stuttering Awareness Day.

You can enter the conference by clicking on the top menu bar and read the content. If you would like to comment you must login.  If you not are already registered, you must register first.  Login and register options appear on the right navigation bar.

The following is a short introduction to the ISAD Online Conference by Keith Boss, chair of the International Stuttering Association.

This online conference would not have been possible without the efforts of a team of people, Dan Hudock, Anita Blom, Keith Boss and Bruce Imhoff.

Background and information for participants

Participants were asked for submissions, or to participate as experts, based on specific criteria. Click here for details.

International Stuttering Awareness Day (October 22) began in 1998, spear-headed by Michael Sugarman, Oakland, California. ISAD recognizes the growing alliance between speech-language professionals and consumers, who are learning from each other and working together to share, give support, and educate one another and the general public on the impact that stuttering has on individuals’ lives. Online conferences, organized by Judy Kuster, have been an integral part of International Stuttering Awareness Day since its inception.

Judy Kuster, currently emeritus professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato, has put together the ISAD Online Conference every year since its inception in 1998.  Judy retired from chairing these wonderful conferences after 2012, but she continues her work managing the Stuttering Home Page.

The International Stuttering Association has formed a small team made up of Anita Blom, Keith Boss, Dan Hudock and Bruce Imhoff to produce and run the ISAD Online Conference.  We hope we can live up to the high expectations of previous conference attendees.

For participants who need some basic information about stuttering, please read about Stuttering from the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Additional information is available on the Stuttering Home Page.

The conference is designed for people who stutter, their families and employers, the professionals who work with them, students in training and their instructors.

From October 1 there are papers on a variety of topics related to fluency and fluency disorders. An online forum will also be available, where you can talk with peers and professionals.

The contributions in this conference reflect professional and consumer interests about stuttering and are presented by many different countries.  Each paper also has a threaded discussion at the bottom of the page for your comments and questions. By October 22, 2013, International Stuttering Awareness Day, the authors of the papers will respond as they wish. Feel free to post your questions/comments at any time and check back for any response from the author.

Contributors to the conference are solely responsible for the information they provide. International Stuttering Association cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the information others provide. The authors’ papers will be permanently archived on the International Stuttering Awareness site pages for your future reference.

Please read these instructions! When you enter the ISAD 2013 page, use the menu to the right to navigate between the papers and other content of the conference.  You must be logged in to comment on papers – you can register or login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google, as shown on the login/register pages.  The ability to see papers will only be enabled on October 1 and comments can only be added or edited between October 1 and October 22, but papers and comments will remain visible after October 22.

If a post or comment is considered inappropriate of defamatory it will be promptly removed by the administrators.

If you are posting comments on a paper, please check previous comments to be sure your question hasn’t already been asked.

For those of you using the ‘Ask and Expert’ and the ‘ISAD 2013 Around the World’ pages, please read the instructions on each introduction page before posting to that topic.

Many people writing in and attending this conference do not have English as their first language. The translation service found at the bottom of each paper and other page can translate into many languages.  Note that as a machine translation service, it may not be a perfect translation.

Please keep comments relevant and in context of the current discussion.  If you have a question that is not directly related to a paper or existing topic in ‘Ask an Expert’, please create a new post in the ‘Ask an Expert’ topic.

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