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Fluency apps


I have read an article from this conference about a client using a fluency app during their time in speech therapy. I am wondering what your thoughts are on the use of fluency apps for individuals who stutter? Also are there some apps that may be better than others or is it more dependent on the individual’s needs? As a currently speech-language pathology graduate student, I am interested in knowing what technology may be helpful for individuals who stutter.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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Atypical disfluencies

I was wondering if anyone had successful strategies they could recommend for working with clients with atypical disfluencies (specifically final part word repetitions). I have had some success teaching cancellations, but am finding it difficult to adapt more traditional techniques … Continue reading

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Stuttering and Assessment

I am currently a graduate student studying Speech-Language Pathology. We were recently introduced to the many assessments available to evaluate stuttering. Are there any tests that you tend to use most often? Which assessments would you recommend to give the … Continue reading

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The Lidcombe Program

Hello, I am a graduate student studying speech-language pathology and have been recently researching the Lidcombe Program. Researchers Barbara Miller and Barry Guitar conducted a study looking at long-term effectiveness of the Lidcombe Program for early stuttering intervention. The study … Continue reading

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The future of fluency

After participating in this conference and reading several essays, both personal and academic, I find myself thinking about the future of fluency treatment. Some people spoke about the history of fluency treatment, while others spoke of newer approaches to fluency, … Continue reading

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