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PWS speak for themselves

Be Memorable – Pamela Mertz

Being a Friend of a PWS – Hayley Rawlings (with Robyn Murray and Kirstie Challenger)

Covert Stuttering: A Journey to Acceptance – Tiffani Kittilstved

ELSA – A very special week. No, an indescribably beautiful week. No… – Misty van de Mortel

ELSA – The Young Voice of Europe – Hayley Rawlings

ELSA Youth Meeting – Karen Nelligan

I don’t stutter at a keyboard – John Bombatch

I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses – Anita Blom

It is OK to stutter – Patrick Campbell

Letting go of my inhibitions to lead a more expansive life – Alan Badmington

My Pall Mall Puffing Potty Mouth Role Model – Dori Holte

Why having a good speech therapist is so important – Jill Shamp

Women Who Stammer – Gouri Laher, Pat Stannett, Amey Herrin and Christine Simpson

Perceptions and interpretations

Acceptance and the rise of pride – Grant Meredith, Tim Harrison

Conscious Avoidance or Better Communication – Keith Boss

Public Perceptions of Stuttering – Rikiya Kaketa

Self-Help: Indian Experience – Satyendra Srivastava

Understanding Stuttering through Dyslexia: Finding Hope and Inspiring Dreams – Tessa Byrd (faculty sponsor David Shapiro)

Therapy, research and other fun things!

Connecting to Others: The Role of Mental Health Professionals in the Stuttering Community – Elizabeth Kapstein, Nora O’Connor, Jeff Shames, Elizabeth Mendez-Shannon, Michael Sugarman
NOTE this is an interactive forum changing daily, please visit throughout the conference as this forum develops.

Going beyond speech tools – alternative ideas for stuttering therapy – Heather Grossman, Carl Herder, Sara MacIntyre

Kahneman meets Van Riper – Andreas Starke

Reducing negative emotions and anxiety using a mental health approach – Dan Hudock, Nora O’Connor

Stuttering U: The first annual camp for SLPs, children who stutter, families and students – Mary Weidner, Craig Coleman, Katie Damron

The Web of false claims about stuttering cures – Hélène Bodson, Pat Roberts

Why we should all use “people first” language – Dan Hudock, Nicholas Altieri, Jody O’Donnell, Sarah Knudson

Creative expression

Who is the girl named Kaisu? – Kaisu Lempinen

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