Famous People Who Stutter

Meanne MijaresAbout the author:  Meanne Mijares is a professional wedding and events planner, founder and president of the Philippine National Stuttering Society (PNSS) and author of the children’s book “Emma Kali-kaliwete! Emma U-utal-utal!” (Left Handed Emma! Stutterer Emma!) which was published in 2014 by ST PAULS, Philippines.

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Famous People Who Stutter — 48 Comments

  1. Meanne, your historical PP of Famous People who stutter is awesome. It will be useful for therapy in educating clients who stutter. Lourdes

  2. Nicely done video! I knew about Moses and also that Isaiah refers to stuttering, but I have never seen Jeremiah referred to as a person who stuttered. Do you have the reference that he stuttered? I’d be very interested.

    • Hello Ms Kuster thank you for your good feedback. It is on Jer 1:6 He said Lord I cannot speak for I am a child.

  3. I wish some of these celebrities were more open about their stuttering. It would really help increase awareness and acceptance, and would give people and children who stutter a role model to look up to and help them not feel so alone.

    • Yes Lauren I totally agree with you the yourh is in need of role models that they can look up to. ???

  4. This video really shows that stuttering can be a silent issue. I had no idea that all of these people stuttered! If everyone (including these famous people) were more open about their stuttering, I feel like it could really reduce the stigmatization and adverse reactions of society today.

    • Yes indeed but now I believe we should spread the word and come together thru noteworrhy emdeavprs to advocate the welfare of people who stutter and eliminate the stigma

  5. Do we really now how many of these famous people really do or did stutter? To a diagnoseable level? Of how many still stutter?

    • 1 percent or 60 million people in the world who stutter and have the ability to make a difference for famous people who stutter I think around 100 or 1000

  6. I would love for these people to talk openly about their experience of stuttering, they should do some kind of social media campaign for the awareness day on 22nd October, like the ice bucket challenge etc.

  7. I was shocked by all of the famous people who stutter! This video really puts a positive light on stuttering. I really enjoy the message that you CAN be successful as a person who stutters! I will definitely be using this video as a resource for therapy with future clients!

    • Yes go ahead use the video
      Am happy to know that it would help and inspire people out there.

  8. Thanks for sharing this list of both historical people and celebrities who stutter. There were many more than I realized, some of whom I was shocked to see that they have a stutter.

  9. Thank you so much for putting together this video! I had no idea most of these individuals stuttered! This is a great message to share with future clients who stutter – you can be anything you want to be and successful at it, even with a stutter!

    Thank you,

  10. Meanne,

    Salamat! Mabuti ang video ninyo. I was surprised at some of the people who stutter. I’ve heard the quote from Plato that says, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I believe that to be true. Whether it be something like stuttering or depression, we all have challenges- some are just more visible than others. Sometimes we look at celebrities and think they have it all, but this video was a good reminder that everyone has challenges. What we choose to do with those challenges is what’s important.

    • Salamat din at nagustuhan po ninyo ang video. I truly agree with what you said. Thank you for your kind words.

  11. I had no idea that there were that many famous people who had a stutter. It’s interesting that not many of the individuals included in the presentation have openly come forward about their stuttering. They could spread an infinite amount of social awareness and serve as role models for those who aspire to be like them but also feel as if a stutter may hold them back. They are proof that having a stutter cannot keep you from achieving success. Thank you for sharing!

  12. I thought this video was really interesting to watch! There were many people included in the list that I had never known about. I think this could help to reduce any stigmas of stuttering by showing how many successful people throughout history have stuttered and gone on to have many great accomplishments. This could be a powerful resource to use with teens who stutter!

  13. This video took me by surprise. As others have mentioned, who knew that all of these people stuttered? I noticed that many of the people in the video are musicians, and I wonder if their stutters were what led them to music. I have been surrounded by music my entire life (playing guitar, banjo, piano, and singing). As a future SLP, I would love to use music to help others who stutter. Music is a great way to express oneself, and I think this could be an extremely helpful way to connect with clients, while helping them achieve their goals! Thank you for posting this video.

    • You are welcome I wish you well in your music career. God bless and guide you always. Be encouraged ??

  14. It is fascinating to know that so many famous people from film , television, sport etc stutter. Perhaps if this was more widely known there would be an increase in knowledge, understanding and acceptance and inspirational role models.

  15. Wow, you would never of guessed that the actors/actresses had stutters!
    It is also very interesting that stuttering affects more men than women, and as shown in the video there appeared to be more men than women.
    Great video, and loved the use of the backing track, very suitable!

  16. I really like this video! I think its a great resource to share with people who stutter and give them more confidence and inspire them. Thank You!!

    • Am so glad you like the video! Thank you for the kind and encouraging words! ?

  17. As a lot of others have mentioned, I was very surprised to see a lot of these names listed as people who stutter. Something that really impacted me was how influential all of these individuals are despite the many societal stigmas they face on a daily basis. It really solidified for me the fact that everyone deserves to make a difference and to feel successful in what they do. Do you know if any of these people have done interviews or discussed their stuttering in the past?

    • Hello Ms Sharon. Thank you for your good feedback on the video. I thnk Jamrs Earl Jones Julia Roberts and Emily Blunt talked about it also Paul Rudd and Lady Gaga.

  18. Wow! I was shocked to see how many famous people stutter. It really shows you that you may not understand everyone’s stories! I wished that every single one of these people used their well known positions to advocate for stuttering and educate the many that are unaware. I hope this video shows people who stutter that they are truly capable of doing everything they have ever dreamed! Thanks for the great video!

  19. Hi Meanne,

    I really enjoyed your video! I am a graduate student in Speech Language Pathology. We have learned recently about the history of stuttering. I think your video is very important to people who stutter. It is motivation to know they are not alone. Its important to know the history of people who have stuttered, not only because these are famous, but because we have to know how treatment has progressed. I think this is inspiring to people who stutter to see the success of such famous people who also have struggled with stuttering. In your Bio it says that you are the founder and president of the Philippine National Stuttering Society. As a future SLP, I believe it is very important to understand other cultures and belief systems. I guess my question for you is coming from another culture, how do people in the Philippines react to someone who stutters? Are they accepting or more standoffish?


    • Hello Ashley thank you for your positive comments. To answer your question there are still some who are stand offish but others are accepting slowly. Awareness is very impprtant to slowly but surely remove public stigma. I wish you the best in becoming a successful Slp someday. God bless you. ?

  20. Who knew! This video was an amazing eye opener into the world of people who stutter. I hadn’t realized so many individuals in whom we term “famous” even exhibited a stutter. Your presentation is such an inspiration for individuals who are facing complex emotions due to their stuttering. It goes to show that even with a stutter, you can achieve big dreams. All in all I think people need to share their VOICE and spread the word about their personal experiences, especially celebrities presented in your video. Thanks!

  21. This was surprising to me.(in a good way) I am a first yr. grad student and really just beginning delve deeper into learning about stuttering. So to see all of these people who once stuttered and still overcame (maybe not the stuttering but the obstacles it can present) is pretty great. I would like to keep this video as a tool to bring out when I am doing therapy with a stutterer and they want to give up. I was wondering, how do you know that Moses stuttered?(I find the historical figures most interesting)

    • Hello and thank you so much for appreciating the video! Yes that would be wonderful and am sure they will be inspired. ?

    • Moses stuttered when God spoke to him during the burning bush part. He told God his brother Aaron was an eloquent speaker than he.

  22. I am currently a first-year graduate student studying speech pathology and I think that this video would be a great tool to use in a therapy session. I feel that PWS have anxieties about not becoming successful due to their stuttering. This video would help anyone of any age of PWS. There are so many examples of famous PWS that I believe my future clients will have less anxiety knowing that they are not alone in this. This video will help my clients realize that anything is possible and that it will hopefully give them the confidence to pursue anything that they want to regardless their stutter! Thank you so much for sharing!

    — Kristin

    • Wow Kristin this is so good to know! The pleasure is always mine. Am happy to know that the video will inspire PWS out there! ??

  23. This was an awesome video! This would be a great resource for introducing stuttering to groups of students or in therapy with a kid or parents struggling to see a positive future. I recently heard an excellent podcast with Bill Withers. If his name isn’t ringing a bell, he’s the musician who sang “Ain’t No Sunshine”, “Lean on Me”, and “Just the Two of Us.” He reported stuttering until he was about 30. To avoid having to work in the coal mines in West Virginia as a young guy, he started singing and song writing because he was good at it and it allowed him to have fluent communication. We all know the lasting impression that his songs have had. Thanks again!


    • Hello Christine. Thank you very much for your positive comments on the video. Am glad you like it. Happy ISAD to you

  24. This was a great video. Thank you so much for sharing. I am a graduate student studying speech language pathology. In the future, I would love to share a video like this with clients. I think it is a great way to instill confidence in individuals who stutter. It can show that they have an infinite number of opportunities and a bright future.