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akaglaAbout the author:  My name is Koffi Amenyo AKAGLA, born December 14, 1991, in Adéta in the prefecture of Kpélé – Adéta Togo. I am the Founding President of Youth Action Association for Mutual Aid and the fight against Stuttering (AJEB), and I am a student at the University of Lomé in the Faculty of Economics and Management Science. I like to bring my support to people experiencing poverty and handicaps . I started work in 2013 on stuttering and I created two local branches and wish to create in all cities of Togo. Currently, I am leading “Stuttering in Togo”, a project to support people who stutter throughout the territory.


Youth Action for Mutual Aid and fight against Stuttering
Address : 209, Rue aflao gakli, 01 BP 4043 Lome-Togo
Tel : (+228)22758777 / 90964944 / 98968166
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The Youth Association for Mutual Aid and fight against Stuttering (AJEB) is a non-profit organization, a-political, religiously neutral, association created in November 2013 in Lomé, Togo, Africa.

The association includes among its members, speech therapists (SLPs), sociologists, linguists and people who stutter (PWS). All are committed to support and develop projects to help PWS.


Creating a world in which everyone feels useful.


Promoting social and professional integration of young people and women.


AJEB ‘s main objective is to sensitize the world population to stuttering and promote socio-professional integration of PWS.


AJEB has two local branches inside the country (Kpalime and Adéta).

Presentation of Togo

3Togo is a West African country with a population of 6,817,000 inhabitants in 2013, for a density 95 inhabitants/km² over an area of ​​56,600km², stretching over 650km from north to south with width of 150 \km. The main economic activities are agriculture Togo (two thirds of the population and about 45% of GDP) , phosphate mining and trade.About 70,000 people stutter in Togo.




Since 2014, AJEB is the relay of the International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) by organizing events. Its vision is to spread its activities throughout the Togolese territory .The different activities on the sidelines of the ISAD will take place from October 1st to 30th, 2015.


On the day of October 22, banners are the main way to communicate with people. These banners will feature the theme of the 18th ISAD, the actors and the project partners, dates and places of business. They will be put in public areas. In total, we have provided 10 banners. We will have 2000 flyers and 20 posters that give information on AJEB, its partners and stuttering. They will be distributed during the activities. We have organized radio and television shows. These programs take place on some radio and television channel such as: 1. Radios: Radio Lomé, Canal FM, FM radio and Victory Gospel, and if possible;2. Televisions: TVT, TV2, TV7, LCF, and NWTV.

These transmissions will be in French, Ewe and Kabwe in order to reach a large number of people. For more visibility during the event, we will make 300 T-shirts, 50 caps, and 20 badges, which will include the theme of the day.


October 22 is the ISAD. We have arranged a caravan consisting of 50 motorcycle taxis, a decorated truck that will be responsible for transporting the sound system; a car-taxi, and 30 volunteers. Throughout, the caravan stops at several strategic locations where we will  broadcast some messages followed by question-answer games with the distribution of T-shirts and caps of the day.


A two-day seminar (October 23 and 24, from 8:00 to 15:00) will discuss this pathology at the hotel EDA- OBA. We expect several organizations, stakeholders and authorities to come:

  • The Minister of Social Action,
  • The Director of Disabled People of Togo
  • CBM,
  • The Togolese Federation of Associations of Disabled Persons,
  • The Togoglaise Association of People Who Stutter,
  • President of Togo’s speech therapists,
  • Mr ATE Karilowo, Speech of State.


We will contact the municipality of Lomé for permission for the caravan and banners on the public area.

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Youth Association for Mutual Aid and fight against Stuttering – Togo, Africa — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for this discussion about the Youth Association for Mutual Aid and fight against Stuttering (AJEB). I am a graduate student and I had not previously heard about this non-profit organization. What a wonderful association! I wish you luck in your goal to sensitize the world population to stuttering and promote socio-professional integration of people who stutter. The upcoming two-day seminar sounds like it will be a success.

  2. Koffi, this is a great idea that took much planning and hard work. Congratulations. Through some work I have done with Rwanda, I have been contacted by stuttering organizations in Africa that will surely be interested in hearing about your efforts. I am going to direct them to your site. As an aside, when I was in the Peace Corps in Ghana, I had the opportunity to travel to Lome on many occasions. I always looked forward to visiting your beautiful city.

  3. I have previously never heard of the Youth Associate for Mutual Aid and Fight Against Stuttering (AJEB). It sounds like your organization is working very hard to spread awareness and educate the population about stuttering. I think giving away shirts and hats is an awesome way to create interest in the general public to your cause!

    • Hello,
      In fact, AJEB is a young association created in 2013 and we operate more in schools.
      For the distribution of T- schirts we will pass the infomrations stuttering that we will put on the T- schirts .Thanks

  4. If I had an opportunity I would love to come help you with your efforts and see a part of Africa! I studied under Dr. Shapiro who has been to parts of Africa. I am very interested in helping people who stutter. I am a person who stutters. I am a Speech Language Pathologist in North Carolina USA. I see possible research opportunity for us in the states and assistance for you. What you do think?

    • Hello,
      I thank you. We will be happy to welcome you among us and work with you. Currently , we need human resources to carry out our activities. Please lets us your e -mail address so that we can discuss . Here is our