Stuttering Pride – Videos (Bruce Imhoff)

imhoffAbout the author:  Bruce Imhoff is a PWS from Australia and has been involved with organisations for PWS since about 2006, both locally, nationally and internationally.  Bruce is currently serving as Vice Chair of the International Stuttering Association, working with a great team of people in the International Stuttering Association.

Bruce also works with the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference team, delivering the conference since 2013.  He works in the local health department managing a software application used in public health.

The following videos were filmed during the 2016 World Congress for People Who Stutter in Atlanta, USA, as a way to promote the online conference and the conference theme.  Let us know what you think!

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Stuttering Pride – Videos (Bruce Imhoff) — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Bruce – they came out great. You did a wonderful job putting these together. Thank you!

    • Thanks Pam, I am very pleased with the final product. I did want to put some background music to them but it was just too difficult this time. Next time maybe. Thanks for being a part of it!

  2. Hi Bruce,
    Wow this wonderful. Couldn’t believe it was me?. Quite interesting. Thank you.

    • Jonas! Well done! It can always be a little weird seeing yourself on video, but well done for challenging yourself!

  3. Wonderful videos. The community of people who stutter are not asking for Fluent speech, they seem to be asking to be respected and appreciated for who they are. Amazing videos, Bruce. I’m recommending the videos to my fellow SLPs to watch with their adolescent students who stutter. Thanks for these awesome videos.

    • Thanks Lourdes, The intent was always as a means of awareness of stuttering, I’m glad they will have an ongoing life after the conference!

  4. Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for assembling such an interesting collection of clips. They clearly depict the pride and dignity of those who chose to express their views, as well as illustrating the wide array of employment roles that are fulfilled by persons who stutter. Had I attended the last World Congress in Atlanta, I would have certainly volunteered to face the camera. 🙂

    (Incidentally, I had the pleasure of visiting that city in 2012 when I was invited to present at the ASHA annual conference.)

    Let us hope that the videos will help to increase public awareness and understanding of the issues that we face.

    Kindest regards

    Alan Badmington

    • Thanks for your kind words Alan, hopefully we can build up some more of these types of resources that could be used more broadly for public awareness about stuttering.

      I did enjoy Atlanta, it was an interesting city!

  5. Hi Bruce
    Thanks for the interesting clips. Its so great seeing my brother speaking so powerfully. God bless you for your good works.

  6. These are wonderful videos! They are cut together very well and present a powerful cohesive message to the viewers. I enjoyed how the videos show the persons who stutter just want respect and to take pride in their stuttering. I think that this is a brilliant concept and look forward to learning more about stuttering! Thank you for putting up these videos!

  7. Hello Mr. Imhoff,

    I am a graduate student in speech-language pathology and am currently taking a class on stuttering. I found these videos to be incredibly inspiring. The people in the videos clearly exhibit pride and dignity while expressing how all they want is to be respected for who they are. It is great that the videos are raising awareness about stuttering. Thank you for sharing!

    Katie Kolbus

  8. These videos are wonderful! As an SLP student, I am instantly reminded by the second video that my clients are not defined by their inabilities but by who they are and what they do. All of those in the video have a profession or a role primarily and happen to also be people who stutter. It is so important to see more than what is on the surface. We are all humans and have the same needs, desires and rights.

    Thank you for your willingness to share and provide awareness.

  9. What a bunch or handsome, strong and wise people. 😉 So happy you brought this project together, as it truly shows the different faces of PWS who tell it like it is. I will refer to these clips many years from now. Many thanks.

    Keep talking