How to be a Fluent Ally to People Who Stutter (an illustrated guide) (Elizabeth Wislar, Hope Gerlach)

About the Authors:

Elizabeth Wislar is a person who stutters and a teacher of students with disablities. She lives in Athens, Ga. USA with her husband and daughter. She loves to draw, write, run, cook and read. She is a co-leader for the Athens NSA chapter and writes a blog about being a teacher who stutters.
Hope Gerlach, M.S. is a doctoral student at The University of Iowa. She has bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University and a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Purdue University. Her specific research interests include social justice issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders and the relationships between stuttering, stigma, and identity. She is actively involved in the National Stuttering Association and FRIENDS.

PDF versions are available to download from the following links in color or black and white.

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How to be a Fluent Ally to People Who Stutter (an illustrated guide) (Elizabeth Wislar, Hope Gerlach) — 92 Comments

  1. Hi Elizabeth and Hope,
    This is a wonderful resource to keep handy–thank you for sharing! Another author mentioned educating students to eliminate stigma associated with stuttering. I think this would be a great resource for school aged children (particularly middle schoolers) to promote advocacy for their peers.
    Do you have any advice to share with even younger students on how to become an ally?
    This is awesome–great job!

  2. Hello,

    This is such a great resource! The illustrations are wonderful and are a fantastic way to share with others about stuttering and what people who stutter go through. Have you thought about sharing your talents in an illustrated book? I’m sure many people would benefit from such wonderful work that you do!

  3. Love, love, love your comic! It’s such a great way to inform pws of all ages what stuttering is about in a fun and educative way. Using drawings, it’s so much easier to get through to people. I wish this would be an information handout that can be in every school and being used on the ISAD and the International Day for People With Disabilities Dec 3. Thanks for raising awareness.

    Keep talking!

    Anita S. Blom, Sweden