A World That Understand Stuttering (Filip Reineby)

About the Author: Filip Reineby. My dream as a speaker is to change the world for the better. In order to achieve this dream I believe we have to change the people in the world for the better. As a speaker I am encouraging people to live benevolent lives, cooperate with others and to embrace diversity. People often strive desperately during their lifetime to reach success, fulfil their dreams and live a happy life. But people are often held back due to fear or that they are trying to live their lives by society’s or someone else’s standards. This causes people to not achieve their dreams and they end up regretting how they lived their lives. Regret always evolves to bitterness and bitterness evolves to hate which is then projected towards other people, creating a domino effect of malicious behaviours. As a speaker, I motivate and inspire people to live a life they chose and designed on their own. By educating people to see their full potential and conquering their fears we will have a world free of regret, bitterness and malicious acts and behaviours. I teach and prove that by trying to reach success by living a benevolent life, working together and encouraging diversity, we achieve far greater success than by living selfish and vicious lives.

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A World That Understand Stuttering (Filip Reineby) — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Filip. Thanks for this video. You have a great message, and I expect that you will reach and affect many people. I feel that if you publish the transcript of your video it might be even more helpful, as people will be able to refer back and reflect on things that you say. Thank you!

  2. Hi Filip,
    I really enjoyed watching your video. Your message is so positive and motivating for everyone; everyone should learn to accept who they are, accept it and pursue their dreams!

  3. Hello Filip,
    Your perspective was very enlightening and I enjoyed your speech a lot! It was interesting that you pointed out different ways that people self-sabotage when it comes to stuttering. It’s an issue that absolutely needs to be recognized by others who stutter.
    Overall your video was very inspiring! However, I do have a question for you. Your speech seems very well put together and thoughtful, do you employ any strategies or tactics while you are speaking? If so, would you mind sharing them please?

    Thanks a bunch,
    Blaire Mertz

  4. Great speech! What steps did you take to gain confidence in your speaking abilities? I am a speech language pathologist student and would like to know more about what worked for you?

  5. Hi Filip,

    I am not a person who stutters, but I found a lot of inspiration in this speech. I loved how you showed that people should not limit themselves and can pursue their dreams despite the obstacles. I agree that we need to increase education about stuttering so that public understanding will increase and the negative stereotypes will decrease.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I loved the purpose of the the video, but what steps can people take to educate others of this speech disorder? I only found this website through my speech therapist, and am wondering how this video will reach others. Most people will dismiss stuttering as a trivial matter.

  7. Hej Philip 🙂 What an amazing journey you’ve done. ANd how wonderful if turned you into a professional speaker! I’d like to learn more about you and I hope Stamningsförbundet as well. 🙂 I see you live in Norway now. Could you please give me your email address, as I might like to invite you to speak and share your story in Sweden. 🙂

    Keep talking!
    Anita S. Blom, Sweden