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A group of professionals are supporting ISAD by participating on a panel to answer questions about stuttering. We have an extensive group of professionals this year, they can be seen at this link.

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Counseling Tips for Self-acceptance

Hello! We are 2nd year graduate students at the University of South Carolina in the Master of Speech Pathology program.  We are currently enrolled in our stuttering class and we have been learning about the importance of self-acceptance for individuals who stutter and the often difficult journey that it takes to get to acceptance of one’s stuttering.  As we are soon to be new clinicians, can you offer any counseling strategies that you have found to be beneficial/successful for helping individuals who stutter overcome covert stuttering and progress towards self-acceptance?  We read the article, “It Starts With You”, by Davis Alpuche, as well as several other success stories like his, and they inspired us to learn more about different counseling techniques we could use in our future practice.  We appreciate any advice you have to give.  Thank you!

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Can principles of acceptance used in stuttering be applied to those with ADHD?

Hello all, I’m a first year speech language pathology student taking a Fluency Disorders class at NYU. In class we’ve been talking a lot about acceptance, desensitization, stuttering modification, the danger of having fluency as your goal, etc. I’m an … Continue reading

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Advocating for Research in a Different Culture

Hello! I am a 2nd year MSP student. Some of my classmates and I just read one of the articles on your website about “Stuttering in Africa: From Hopelessness to Recovery”. In the article, the author said that in rural parts of Africa some older, out-of-date interventions are being used. If going to another culture/country, how would you suggest addressing issues like this? How could you kindly yet firmly advocate for what research says in a culture that may not value research or the scientific method like we do?

Thanks so much!

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Hello professionals, What are your thoughts on cluttering being labeled as the “Orphan of Speech Language Pathology?” Research has shown that cluttering is actually more prevalent than we think. Why do you think we unaware of its incidence?  2,149 total views

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