Talk to a Professional

A group of professionals are supporting ISAD by participating on a panel to answer questions about stuttering. We have an extensive group of professionals this year, they can be seen at this link.

To participate, you must be logged in to ask a question. After you log in, select ‘New’; ‘Post’ from the top menu and enter the title and details. Be sure to set the category to ‘2018 Talk to a Professional’ on the right side of the page or your question will not display on this page.

Your post/comment will need to be approved by the team. It might take up to twelve hours before your post/comment appears.

Only the professionals and the original questioner can reply/post to a specific question. One or more professionals may choose to respond to questions, so please do not direct your question to a specific professional.

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Fluency Therapy

Hello! My name is Emily and I am a graduate student taking an advanced fluency disorders course. I have a question regarding stuttering/cluttering therapy. I recently worked with a young client who cluttered. His parents reported moderate-severe disfluencies while at … Continue reading

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