Talk to a PWS

This is a forum where you can ask questions of other selected People Who Stutter (PWS). You might have questions about ‘What do you do when…’ or looking to get an opinion on how others might approach a particular situation. You can see the list of  PWS providing this advice at this link.

To participate, you must be logged in to ask a question. After you log in, select ‘New’ from the top menu, then select ‘Post’ from the top menu and enter the title and details. Be sure to set the category to ‘2020 Talk to a PWS’ on the right side of the page or your question will not display on this page. and on the bottom of the page, be sure ‘Menu 2020’ is also selected. Your post/comment will need to be approved by the team. It might take up to twelve hours before your post/comment appears.

Only the original questioner and any of the selected PWS can reply/post to a specific question. One or more of the selected PWS may choose to respond to questions, so you do not need to direct your question to a specific individual.

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Hi, I am majoring in Speech- Language Pathology and Audiology at the University of Akron and had a few questions for you. My first question is what is something you want people to know and understand about stuttering? Also what … Continue reading

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Hello, I’m currently going into the SLP field, I was just curious if anyone had any good stories and can explain how a Speech Therapist has helped them? Thank you!  56 total views,  1 views today … Continue reading

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