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Shiran IsraelAbout the Author:

Shiran Israel, age 37, is married, has two daughters, is a person who stutters and a member of the Israeli Stuttering Association. She has a B.A in Psychology and Economics, and an M.A in Behavioral Economics.

She is currently working towards publishing a research she performed as part of her degree thesis, about the effect of Mindfulness, self compassion and decentering on the experience of stuttering.

Below is a poem I wrote, and it represents the change I want to see. I want PWS to have options, and to know that concealing stuttering is not the only option. In my poem I go from the end to the beginning – to be a person who stutters, who faces daily challenges and makes peace with yourself every day. You need someone who would tell you that stuttering is OK. I truly believe that stuttering therapy should be based on this, and the SLP could be that person.

For me, a crown is a symbol of strength, pride and authority- I take control of the way I respond to my stuttering, and I choose to do it with pride. I would love to hear the readers’ thoughts and views about what it means to them.


I wear my stuttering as a crown,

with pride,

like a medal of honor given after war.

For each morning I go to battle

and return home in the evening bearing peace.

And still after decades of fighting,

my heart never goes numb,

my mind never grows weary,

and each scar reminds me what are the stakes.

So every morning I wake up

and wear my stuttering as a crown.

Because someone told me I could.

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Crown – Shiran Israel — 19 Comments

  1. Shiran,

    This is so wonderful, heartfelt and honest. It was so lovely meeting you over Zoom recently. Speaking to you and reading your poem (again) helps me truly understand your triumphs.

    I wrote a poem and “performed” it at a Spoken Word event at the 2019 NSA Conference. Coincidentally, I also referred to my stuttering as “my crown”.
    Great minds think alike.


    • Hi Pam, it’s amazing how we’re all so different yet have this connection! It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to you. Thank you so much for everything you do!

  2. “and each scar reminds me what are the stakes”

    This is the part that struck me.There are great accomplishments ahead of us, and if only we would allow our scars to spur us on the missions that lie ahead of us,we would always wear our stammer as a crown.

    Thank you for this beautiful poem Shiran, and keep doing what you do.


  3. As a future SLP, I really appreciate reading the experiences of people who stutter. Your stutter is a part of you and instead it being something therapists teach you to hide… we need to be instead an ally on your journey to empowerment. Thank you for sharing this poem.

    • I totally agree! For too long I thought that therapists are there to “fix” me. And only by working the Israeli Stuttering Association I have come to know SLPs who, like you, want to learn about stuttering and realise that helping is not merely teaching fluency techniques. It’s such an important job to be an SLP of PWS! God bless!

  4. Hi, Shiran!

    This is a beautiful poem. Your lines, “and still after decades of fighting, my heart never goes numb,” stuck out to me. Thank you for this insight. I feel PWS’s experiences can be easily brushed off by others, but it is important for us to still recognize the validity and continuation of your experience.


  5. Shiran, this poem was awesome to read. I found it very touching with many of the lines standing out to me. The line that stood out the most to me was “and still after decades of fighting, my never never goes numb.” It was very heartfelt to read and made me appreciate you and this poem. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Shiran! This poem is so powerful! I love that you turned something that some people look in a negative aspect into something so beautiful! Choosing to wear that crown is something that not everyone who stutters can do. Continue to wear that crown and be an example to others! I’m currently in graduate school to be a Speech-Language Pathologist and cannot wait to share this poem with my clients who stutter to encourage them!

  7. Hi Shiran,
    I loved reading your poem! It is truly inspiring and powerful. Everyone has different types of crowns I loved how you described how yours is!

  8. Shiran,

    This poem was strikingly beautiful. I am an SLP graduate student and what truly struck me was the line:
    “So every morning I wake up
    and wear my stuttering as a crown.
    Because someone told me I could.”
    All it takes is one person to tell someone that they are worthy for them to know it. To think that I could be that person for someone is incredible. It truly makes you aware of your words and actions. Would you mind sharing who that person was for you who helped you to “wear your stuttering as a crown”?

    Thank you for sharing!

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