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Sam WigginsAbout the Author:

Sam Wiggins is 11 years old and lives in Chester (UK) with his mum and older sister Abigail. Over the past 18 months Sam has been heavily involved within the stammering community, he has written and recited many poems to help raise awareness about stammering and to help other children like him. Sam enjoys meeting new people, chatting, gaming and riding his scooter. Last year he took on the role of chairman of the World stuttering network youth committee and enjoyed running meeting for children all around the world who stammer. Sam is looking forward to taking part in ISAD this year with his poems as he did last year.

Introductory Statement

This poem was written as my stammer had changed over time this year resulting in me finding it hard to say my name. I was having for more blocks and becoming frustrated so I decided to write a poem about the challenges and feeling of saying your name. In this video you can here me recite my poem. Below is the poem itself.

I also wrote another poem which I haven’t recited yet, but I’ll share that one with you too.

3 little letters

3 little letters
Just 3 little letters
So hard to say
Just 3 little letters
I use every day
My heart starts to pound
And my throat so dry
I struggle to get it out
No matter how hard I try
I open my mouth
The words won’t come out
My face becomes tense
I just want to shout
My mouth fixed frozen
My eyes open wide
I feel frustrated
And I’m bursting inside
The letter makes its way
To the end of my tongue
It still doesn’t come out
And the sound is so long
Out of my mouth
My name finally tumbles
I’m feeling so tense
And my whole body rumbles
I managed to say my name
I took a while, it wasn’t fast
I let out a sigh
I’ve done it at last!
So before you ask
Have you forgotten your name?
Stop and be patient
There’s no need to shame.
My name is Sam
Sometimes so hard to say!
3 little letters
I use every day.

Rule the world 

I have a stammer
And I’m proud to be me 
I have a stammer 
And it’s who I want to be 
I have a stammer 
There’s no need to be shy 
I have a stammer 
I’ll give everything a try 
I have a stammer 
It’s just the way I speak 
I have a stammer 
It doesn’t mean I’m weak 
I have a stammer 
I still put my hand up in class
I have a stammer 
I am amazing at maths 
I have a stammer 
Say what I want to say 
I have a stammer 
I might rule the world one day
I have a stammer 
The world is at my feet 
I have a stammer 
And I certainly won’t be beat 
I have a stammer 
I’m perfect the way I am
I have a stammer 
Remember the name Sam 

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Three little letters – Sam Wiggins — 23 Comments

    • Hi Chaya
      I’m glad you like my poem, yes please do share with other children.
      My aim is to help as many children as possible and educate people too.

      Thank you

  1. Sam, you are a truly gifted poet. Your piece “3 Little Letters” is such a real and eloquent description of what it’s like for a person who stammers to say their name. Thank you for sharing with the world.


  2. Oh Sam you are such a treasure
    Watching you recite is such a pleasure
    I wish I’d met you when I was young
    To help me to no longer hold my tongue
    You have such a powerful voice
    Like Greta, you can really make some noise
    Just one question that might make you laugh:
    Can I get your autograph? 😉

  3. Such powerful words from a child. Acceptance and determination go a long way. More adults should have the same outlook as Sam. Great job and beautiful poems! -Paige Gonzalez

  4. Hi Sam,
    Thank you so much for sharing your poem. It powerfully conveys your experiences in such a tangible way that others can relate to. I look forward to looking back at it and using it as a resource for children and adults, alike. I think it’s also a great way for kids to explain their similar experiences with parents, teachers, and friends, as well. Thank you, again.


    • Hi Alissa

      Thank you
      My aim is to educate as many people as possible about stammering and to help as many children and so they don’t feel alone.

  5. Sam, you are a superhero to the worldwide stuttering community! I think ‘remembering the name Sam’ will not be a problem. You’re doing great buddy!

  6. Sam you rock! What a brilliant poem and so well recited! Full of passion! Yes do share this with as many people as possible you will be sharing a very important message – that it is absolutely more than okay to stammer. You are also acting as a magnificent model showing people about how to talk about their stammering openly, and most importantly telling people about what you need! Super splendid – well done!

  7. hi sam!!

    i absolutely loved your poem! you are a powerful poet and you have such a bright future 🙂 you are right when you say the world is at your feet, there is no doubt about that.
    what would you like to say to encourage other kids younger than you who also stutter?

    Annika Paz

  8. Hello Sam!
    I really loved your poems! I am studying right now to become a speech pathologist and your poem three little letters taught me a lot. I will never know what it is like to have a block but now I understand what it feels like for you and other children with this type of stutter/stammer. I am so impressed by all the work you have done through your involvement in the world stuttering youth committee. You are already building a reputation and changing the word with your words. Keep up the great work! I hope I can share your words with other children to help them see they are never to young to make an impact!

  9. Sam, wow, what a fantastic poem. Your words paint such a descriptive, relatable picture of how you feel when saying your name. As a current speech language pathology student, I would love to save your video and poem to share with future clients – is that alright with you? I think you are an inspiration and can help other people who stutter not feel so alone.

    Did you find that writing these poems and sharing them via ISAD helped relieve some of your frustration? If you could give advice to other children who stutter about their experiences and frustrations, what would you tell them?

    Thanks again for sharing your poem, it was truly moving!

  10. Sam,

    Your poems are truly wonderful! They convey so much meaning and emotion and they will absolutely inspire many. It is so encouraging to see a young person such as yourself expressing your thoughts feelings in such a beautiful way. It is so apparent that you have a bright future ahead of you! And you’re right, you are perfect the way you are!

    Thank you for sharing!

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