Talk to a Professional

A group of professionals are supporting ISAD by participating on a panel to answer questions about stuttering. We again have a great group of professionals this year. Their bios can be seen HERE.

  • To participate, you must be logged in to ask a question.
  • After you log in, select ‘New’ from the top menu, then select ‘Post’ from the top menu and enter the title and details.
  • Be sure to set the category to ‘2021 Talk to a PWS’ on the right side of the page or your question will not display on this page.
  • And on the bottom of the page, be sure ‘Menu 2021’ is also selected.
  • Your post/comment will need to be approved by the team. It might take up to twelve hours before your post/comment appears.

Only the professionals and the original questioner can reply/post to a specific question. One or more professionals may choose to respond to questions, so please do not direct your question to a specific professional.

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