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A group of professionals are supporting ISAD by participating on a panel to answer questions about stuttering. We again have a great group of professionals this year. Their bios can be seen HERE.

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Woody Starkweather: counselors psychologists have the tools.

Important simple question: Should psychologists and counselors be helping and treating PWS and not SLPs? Woody Starkweather often commented that Speech-Language pathologists have the knowledge of stuttering but psychologists and counsellors have the tools to efficiently work on the disorder. … Continue reading

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I’m a post-bac student at CSUF and currently in a fluency class. I’m curious to know what PWS feel and think about SLPs. What has been your overall experience, if you’ve had speech therapy before or are currently seeing an SLP now? Also, what do you feel is missing or should be improved in this field from your personal experience? 

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Talking to Parents

Hello! I am a school-based SLP-A and a 2nd year graduate student. Any suggestions regarding speaking to parents concerned about the recent onset of their young child stuttering? Any specific information that has helped parents understand onset and duration?   42 total … Continue reading

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What is the duration of therapy for a person who stutters (PWS) to gain the confidence to speak?

Hello my name is Marisa Morodomi. I am currently a graduating senior at California State University Fullerton. I am currently a communication sciences and disorders major and am enrolled in a fluency disorders class this semester. Over the duration of … Continue reading

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What are your thoughts on Voluntary Stuttering as a treatment technique?

Hello my name Marisa Morodomi. I am a graduating senior at California State University Fullerton. I am currently in a fluency disorders class and my professor assigned us a Voluntary Stuttering project. In this project we were assigned to voluntarily … Continue reading

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OASES incongruence

Fluency Professionals, 

I am a second-year SLP grad student, and I was curious if you had any recommendations for approaching inconguencies between OASES results and behaviors and emotions that you observe (i.e. the client demonstrates significant negative self-talk and a negative view of being a PWS, but reports no emotional impact of being a PWS.)

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What are some strategies to help clients who stutter feel more comfortable during therapy sessions?

Hello, I am Gayle Taylor, an undergraduate senior from CSUF majoring in communication sciences and disorders. I was wondering how SLPs help create a more welcoming environment for PWS, especially upon the first few sessions? I am curious about learning … Continue reading

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What strategies do you recommend in speech therapy if there was a patient who stutters?

I was wondering what are the reccomended strategies for patients who stutter since not one single strategy will help and there some strategies some people may not like. I am a student who wants to become an SLP one day … Continue reading

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