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This is a forum where you can ask questions of other selected People Who Stutter (PWS). You might have questions about ‘What do you do when…’ or looking to get an opinion on how others might approach a particular situation. You can see the list of  PWS providing this advice at this link.

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Questions for PWS

Hello! I am a student currently studying Speech Pathology. I wanted to ask what aspects of stuttering do you want to bring more awareness to that other people may not know about/think about? Also, how has your perspective and relationship/attitude … Continue reading

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Hello, I’m a current 2nd year grad student and I have been an assistant for 10 years. After working mostly with children who stutter, I found that a lot of them don’t really care about their fluency. I’m learning that … Continue reading

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Hello, I am currently a graduate student, and I am working with an adult client who covertly stutters. What are some recommendations to help desensitize stuttering? What are some recommendations to help a PWS become more open to self-disclosure? What … Continue reading

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I’m a post-bac student at CSUF and currently in a fluency class. I’m curious to know what PWS feel and think about SLPs. What has been your overall experience, if you’ve had speech therapy before or are currently seeing an SLP now? Also, what do you feel is missing or should be improved in this field from your personal experience? 

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Hello, I am senior studying communication disorders at CSUF. I am interested in the cognitive and emotional aspects of treatment surrounding fluency disorders. What are some effective ways that psychological counseling can be incorporated into fluency treatment?   38 total views,  1 views … Continue reading

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When do you feel the most yourself?

Hello! I am a second year graduate student named Avery Fray. I wanted to know how I can make therapy sessions feel the most comfortable for PWS. What, in your experience, has been the most natural setting? What has been the most helpful? Thank you for your time!

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What is the duration of therapy for a person who stutters (PWS) to gain the confidence to speak?

Hello my name is Marisa Morodomi. I am currently a graduating senior at California State University Fullerton. I am currently a communication sciences and disorders major and am enrolled in a fluency disorders class this semester. Over the duration of … Continue reading

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Hello! I am an SLP graduate student and do not stutter myself. I was wondering what resources, especially popular cultures resources, individuals who stutter have found helpful? I am thinking of movies, show, books, etc. that they feel are relatable … Continue reading

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Advice to give

Hi, I’m a second -year graduate student at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. We are currently taking fluency disorders right now. I’m very interested in working with this population once I become a speech-language pathologist. I had … Continue reading

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