Hello! I am an SLP graduate student and do not stutter myself. I was wondering what resources, especially popular cultures resources, individuals who stutter have found helpful? I am thinking of movies, show, books, etc. that they feel are relatable and depict stuttering in an accurate or helpful way? I hope this question makes sense and would appreciate any thoughts. I feel like this could help me, and potentially future clients, advocate for those who stutter.

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  1. Hi Katie!
    Thank you for your question!

    There are probably many different sources out there what could be mentioned but I would recommend to check out a Tiktok account of @marcwinski ! He is posting about both relatable and also educational content about stuttering.


  2. There’s quite a few really good podcasts about stuttering that people may find helpful.
    I do one exclusively for women, called “Women Who Stutter: Our Stories” which can be found at

    I agree with Satu above about TikTok videos and YouTube videos. Audio video media is so much more engaging than reading books.


  3. Hi. To add to the above resources, I like the work of Daniele Rossi who is a cartoonist. I find his depictions really funny and relatable.