Monday’s Modalities


I really like Resourcing as a daily living tool. Practice resourcing by connecting with our own experience, in our lives, bodies, community, and/or environment.

Resource when you start to worry, experience anxious or racing thoughts and/or experience feared situations; scared or stressed, preoccupied by what other people are thinking of you, negative self-talk, and overwhelming emotions.

The first step is slowing down. Take a pause right here and notice your body. Take a few breaths.

Resourcing images are a great tool that we have access to any time, any place. Imagine yourself in a place that you find peaceful, maybe on the beach, in the mountains, near a. exactly where you are. Notice what you see, what you hear, what it smells like? what can you touch? Take a moment and check in with your body. Do you notice any shift? Any more ease? You can also do this by imagining other kinds of resources include positive experiences and can include the people, places, or activities.

So sometime in the next days, take a moment to slow down to notice when you may be feeling overwhelmed, or panicked, or ready to shut down, and try Resourcing then notice when we have returned to a more easeful state.

Elizabeth Kapstein

Monday, October 3, 2016

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