News from Dutch Stuttering Association Demosthenes ISAD 2020

The communication committee of the Dutch Stuttering Fund (“StotterFonds”) consists of experts by experience and speech and language therapists. We apply our knowledge and experience for, among other things, the promotion of the Stuttering Fund and the preparation for Stuttering Awareness Day. 

This year we designed a poster and bookmark in the theme of Stuttering Awareness Day 2020: ‘Dare to be y-y-you’. We distributed these communication means amongst, for example, schools and practices of speech- and language therapists. This way the ‘dare to be you’ message for people who stutter will be widely spread to the public at large.

The poster summarizes our message in 7 points:

  1. Tell other people you stutter
  2. .Connect with others who stutter
  3. Talk about it with someone you trust
  4. Dare to talk
  5. Know what stuttering is
  6. Tell others how to best respond
  7. Say what you want, despite the stuttering

Below is the poster we have created about our event.

Poster WSD 2020

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