News from Ghana Stammering Association – ISAD 2020

Public Awareness Campaign

Our main focus this year to increase awareness will be through social media. In recent times, social media has been arguably the most effective platform to spread information, and we want to use more of it to raise awareness. We plan to be in the social media trends of Ghana on ISAD by generating a lot of content and getting the conversations going on the various social media platforms. We plan to work with a social media management company to aid with the information reach on ISAD. Our social media campaign will start from 1 October throughout the month.

Support for PWS

Going with the global ISAD Theme, The GSA will organize a series of virtual events dubbed “My journey of words” from 19-23 October. These virtual events will be hosted by role models in our stammering community to share their experiences of stammering and how they have managed it with a successful career or life. They will be fun and interactive sessions where PWS get to ask all the questions they have for their role models.  For example, there will be special sessions where female role models will only interact with female PWS. This will enable them talk about stammering from a woman’s viewpoint especially in areas of relationships and career. The goal of these sessions is to inspire and motivate the younger ones not to hold back in life because of stammering.

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