News from Japan ISAD 2020

International Stuttering Awareness Day activities in Japan courtesy of Makoto Aoyama and the Stuttering Genyukai Association

In Japan, there is the largest self-help group for people who stutter, Genyukai. Every October, we carry out pocket tissue street distribution activities all over the country. The aim of the activity is to get people to know about stuttering by putting a leaflet in the pocket tissue with an illustration of International Stuttering Awareness Day.



In this year, due to the spread of the novel-coronavirus infection, the tissue distribution activities at events and on streets will be canceled, so we are planning other things. Basically, we will focus on the online distributions.

(1) International Stuttering Awareness Day 2020 PR video distribution will be open to the public on YouTube on October 22nd.

(2) On October 24th, a special online meeting for International Stuttering Awareness will be held at Zoom. The specific content will be held in the sequence of “1. Presentation of experiences, 2. Lecture and presentation on the theme of what stuttering awareness”.





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